Torn(i) it up!

As life usually has it, all good things indeed do must come to an end. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate it with a bang!

For our last face-to-face meeting, our EOTO team decided to visit the already legendary Torni hotel and its observation deck, looking at this beautiful city from far above. While we’re going to continue our meetings online, me leaving on Wednesday and Thomas leaving on Friday unfortunately meant that this was our last “proper” time together.

Sitting comfortably in the couch, drinking fancy tea and enjoying the city sight, we went down on a memory lane of our previous meetings, expectations, impressions of Finland, exchange experience and everything in between. After all that hard work we did during our previous meetings (which resulted with Thomas and I both getting 5s from in our Finnish exam, mind you!), this meeting was all about friendship and memories.

Janika asked Thomas and I how would we describe Finland, Finnish people and Finnish culture to our friends back home. Both of us agreed that Finland is an amazing country, full of conflicting, yet somehow tightly connected extremes. Nothing describes it better than the combination of fiery heat of sauna mixed with healthy dose of icy cold water swimming. Often described as introverted and cold at first, Finnish people are some of the warmest we’ve met in our lives, once you get to really know them.

Before parting ways, we promised to return to Finland some day, since there is so much of this amazing country still left to be discovered. Janika promised to return the favor and make a tour of Austria and Croatia sometimes in the near future.

This will be my last blog from Finland. Indeed, all good things must come to an end. Or is it only the beginning?

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