Frutas y verduras (fruit & vegetables)

A lesson in Lidl ? Why not ? Let’s study fruit and vegetables. Both of us love eating them and they seem to be indispensable in Mexican cuisine. While learning their names and choosing the most common ones, we did grocery shopping 🙂 There is no doubt, after this unusual class, I learnt the names of popular fruit and vegetables. Sheli taught me also their shapes and colours. We were also talking about the way they are served in Mexico and popular dishes which are rich in vegetables. I have never before studied vocabulary in a supermarket. This method seems to be practical, because you may choose which words you want to absorb. You select them according to your preferences. Thanks to Sheli, I learnt the names of the fruit and vegetables that I like and buy a lot. I created the list of those words which I want to memorise. It is easier to revise.

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