Partes del cuerpo (Parts of the body)

Our next meeting was organised in the library of TAMK. This class is dedicated to the parts of the body. After this lesson I gained new skills. I learnt vocabulary correlated to the parts of the body. Thus, now I can name, enumerate and translate them. What is more, I am able to use common expressions with the parts of the body, for instance be the right-hand man, hands up, get out of bed on the wrong side or the Achilles heel and many more. Furthermore, after the class I am able to create a plural form of the parts of the body. I learnt also basic verbs which can be useful while talking about the parts of the body. This learning experience was very motivating. It is very practical to study parts of the body in a context of learning popular and well known expressions. I perceive this method of learning vocabulary much easier and better to memorize. As far as the vocabulary of the parts of the body is concerned, it can be practical in further education while studying dialogues in a hospital and informing the doctor about your painful part of the body.
We have mentioned this topic before in our preliminary plan. We adhered to the schedule.

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