¡Tengo hambre ! (I am hungry !)


Our first meeting with Sheli was in a restaurant. We decided to have a theoretical lesson dedicated to food. Hence, we chose McDonald. Sheli described some typical Spanish dishes including breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. She told me a difference between totopos and nachos which relates to the shape of them. Totopos are round whereas nachos are triangular. I got to know for example what molletes, arroz blanco, la sopa de fideo, las fajitas en taco and agua fresca are. I hope to have a chance to cook any of them with my tutor. What is more, we were also training some dialogues in a restaurant. I think this can be really useful and practical in the future. I believe that this lesson made me more aware of the fact that food is an indispensable element of Mexican culture. I have never before studied Mexican cuisine. It was totally new experience for me. I know it was only theory but I hope to taste them. We adhered to the preliminary plan. Food is a very common topic. Thanks to Sheli I gained some fundamental knowledge about Mexican cuisine. We studied it in a restaurant which was more convenient to adapt possible dialogues into practice.


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