Final meeting

It is Final meeting with Tuija. I can’t believe that time flies fast!

We met in one cafe which she introduce before. They sell so many food and drinks. Actually the reason I choose there is that I heard that they sell really big!! cinnamon roll.  Today I saw real big thing!  I can’t eat it because of the size, but it’s still really funny for me.

We both know it was the final meeting. But I didn’t prepare anything.  Tuija gave me a Fazer chocolate box…ㅜㅜ It was really touching!!!

We talked about my Rovaniemi trip and her boat trip! My rovaniemi travel was so good. I bough ticket which is offer, 29 euro. And it takes almost 9 hours. I visited Santa claus village. and met Santa clause!!!!!!!!  He was so commercial….but still made me excited.

After talking in Cafe, we went to Stockmann to get box.  During this week, I tried to find big box from K-market to Clas ohlson. But Clas ohlson sell 5 box for 16 euro. It is quiet expensive price!!!  But I got box in Stockmann food market. They gave me for free.  If you guys need free big box, visit Stockmann or market near your house:D

Anyway during this semester, Tuija helped me really a lot!!!!!!!!  Really Thank you Tuija and It was really good experience and happy memory with you!

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