Finishing to the top

Last meeting we had just before Matija had to go back home. And location high up at TORNI hotelli sky bar. I hadn’t been there before and Tampere looked so very beautiful with all the lights in the darkness. 🙂

Last meeting was about closure.

We discussed how Thomas and Matija’s point of view had changed about Finland through out these months and what EOTO-meetings had meant for them and me of course. 🙂 We were all happy about the cultural and lingual learning process and meeting each other like this. EOTO made us friends, I think I hadn’t met these guys and did or even thought about all the things we learned together if it wasn’t a course like this. 🙂

If we have time we’ll still have one meeting with Thomas in Finland and hopefully more totally casual meetings in the future with both Matija and Thomas! I’m very happy about the course and what it gave to me culturally and personally. 🙂

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