Sauna conversation and Russian models

We still had some stuff to do after the exams and everything so we met in the library once again to have some back-and-forth with the group. I arrived in the library with my cup of automatic coffe and we started the session. Sveta spoke Finnish and Rulis and I spoke our version of Russian. The amazing part was that we understood each other.IMG-20141216-WA0003

Sveta tried to claim that the Russian sauna is better than the Finnish electric sauna, but didn’t take into account that the original Finnish sauna is also a wood burning stove with some stones on it. Thus she pretty much argued that wood sauna is better than electric, which only a madman would disagree with.

At one point we looked at some russian famous actresses and models. On that day I learned that Russia has one of the most stunning models the world has to offer.

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