Our Last EOTO Meeting


Our last meeting was on 19th of December and it took place at keskustori.  The weather was quite cold and it was raining there. Despite of raining we roamed at Christmas market in keskustori. The view was amazing there. We could feel  the coming of Christmas. We tasted chocolates while having a look at the places. We tried to talk both in Russian and Finnish. I asked Sveta words in Russian which came along there. There is a list of a few words,

шоколад = suklaa

сыр = juusto

ёлка = joulukuusi









After roaming a while at Christmas market, we decided to go and have a coffee in coffee shop. We were there for a while. Me and Joonas taught Svetlana how to apply for a job in Tampere.  Each One Teach One course was great. I met new people via that course. I am going to miss you guys.

Ps. Let’s stay in touch guys.

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