Reading lesson

After 8th lessons of Dutch- Italian we decided that we were ready to read something… but not too much!

Sanne showed me the cute character for children Nijntje; she is a young white rabbit, created by the Dutch artist Dick Bruna during the second half of the last century. It seems very famous among children in The Netherlands, her English name is Miffy.

We used the official Nijntje’s website (very well-studied and children-friendly) and we start reading on it one of her adventure: in the children’s park with her family.

We was laughing and making fool of ourselves (in a positive way) all the time because the style is of course very childish, but it was a very good starting point for this complicated language. I tried my best but Dutch has many diphtong and other exceptions about the sound of groups of letters so I wasn’t really good… but it’s ok!

Then I choose some poems for children by Gianni Rodari, an extraordinary Italian writer who is a master in playing with the Italian language to create rithm in his poetry. I asked Sanne to try and she was definitely much better than me… I have a great student!

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