Last meeting

Our time in Finland is going to finish so Sanne and I decided to meet for the last time of our lessons in the campus, to check what we have learned and to say goodbye.

As a student it has been quite harder than what I thought to learn a new language with few hours and few chance to practice it in everyday life (it has been the same problem with Finnish indeed). About Dutch I will rememer probably several grammar rules but the sound is quite complicated and there are too many exceptions to remember. It has been very interesting to discover the culture of the Netherlands, learning from a native, as Sanne, is always much better ’cause she can emphatize which elements are real and which other are stereotype.

As a teacher it has been a great experience. Not only for what I taught, but for what I learned, from many points of view. from a linguistic point of view I realized which are the most difficult aspects of my language (i.e. verb conjugation, numbers) and which are easier than what I thought (accordance noun-adj.), and which are quite easy (reading, pronunciation except for letter -c, -s, -g).

But the best part for me was to re-discover how proud of my country I am, how many nice and funny aspects we have. It’s not normal for an Italian in those days, trust me. to prepare our lessons I was looking for what are the features of Italy, and I found that  when Italian people try to do something well, they can get the best, they just have to apply. From cooking to singing, from natural landscape to poetry.

This is probably the best earning I will bring with me  after this course AFTER, of course, the friendship with Sanne, a very young, talented girl who I really enjoyed to meet every time. I was always happy to have our meeting, thank to her positivity and kindness. Thank to TAMK’s EOTO then, but thank to you Sanne, really. Merry Christmas and happy new year to everybody, have a great life you all people!

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