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Napapiirin sankarit movie

The last time  we met, we watched Finnish movie as we agreed before. It was a comedy “Napapiirin sankarit” with subtitles in English. About unemployed guy, who spent money for alchocol instead of digibox and his girlffriend told him that she would leave him if he doesn’t bring digibox. So, the film is about all the situations he will overcome, before he finds that digibox. In the end russian guy will bring them digibox on helicopter. Now, I know why Tero wanted us to watch that movie)))



Hungarian food party

Our last EOTO meeting was held in Reka’s place with Julia (she is also from Hungary), Paulina and Yuki. The day was the last day for Yuki and me to meet Julia and Reka, so it was also farewell party for us.


They cooked and served “Gulyás” (Gulasch), Hungarian stew, and Hungarian crapes. In Hungary, people put jam or honeys on crapes and roll it to eat. Reka gave us Hungarian honey and her mother’s home made jams. They were awesome! I hope we can see again somewhere around the world someday. Thank you for everything, Reka<3!IMG_3035

Special session

We always have our EOTO meeting in Tamko because we can use free Wi-Fi and drink free drinks 🙂 But, on the day, we had meeting at my one of favorite café, mimibo café<3photo (3)

Furthermore, we invited special guests, Paulina (from Mexico) and Yuki (from Japan), and talked about Hungarian customs. The most interesting was there are some common points that are related to human relationships among our home countries.  But there are big differences on the image of tattoos and earrings. Especially, when they (EXCEPT me) started to say “I wonder to get tattoos in my wrist to remind memories in Finland”, I managed to stop them but they said to me “You’re like my mom!” I think we can keep our memories in our hearts. We don’t have to get tattoos to remind them. I still hope they won’t get tattoos 🙁

EOTO’s pre-Christmas party

We had EOTO pre-Christmas party in Tamko. There were not so many people but we enjoyed a lot with card games, chatting and drinking Hungarian alcohol. But at the same time, I had to say good-bye to some of my friends because it was the last day to see them, so I really thought that time flies so fast. I don’t have this kind of class in my home university. That’s why I strongly recommend taking this course. You can understand your friends deeper and stimulated by them. I felt so during the party again. I’d appreciate to my friends and Mr. Henri. Kiitos paljon!

photo (2)

Sushi party


As a part of this EOTO classes, Japanese exchange students: Anna, Kazuki, Saya and Yuki were having Sushi party in Lapinkaari. It was first time for us to organize such big party but a lot of our friends joined the party and we had great time with them.

photo (1)

We cooked and served 4 kinds of Sushi (Salmon, avocado with soy source and wasabi, fried egg and butter flavored corns) and Miso soup. Some of them used chop sticks very well. We should have explained about Sushi and Miso soup more and it might become better.

Hungarian music

Today’s topic was Hungarian music! She has already known that I love LADY GAGA, so she recommended Hungarian crazy bang “Anna and the Barbies”.

Anna and the Barbies

Of course they sing the songs in Hungarian but she translated the lyrics and showed movie with English subtitles of lyrics, so I also enjoyed their music. In Hungary, there are many famous and popular music festivals as well. She showed these festivals’ official movies and they made me to go them! I really hope that we enjoy these festivals together someday.

History of Japan

Finally, I was ready to explain history of Japan, so we talked about it on that day. There are topics that were included in my ppt: What is “History of Japan” for Japanese students?, Characteristics of Japanese history, The origin of Japanese people, Periodization, The oldest documents, Famous Samurais, The Pacific War, Rapid economic growth and The Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami on 11th of March in 2011.

侍 3.11

I hoped my presentation is easy to understand for her. That’s why I used pictures, graph or table and told my experience on 3.11. Actually I was afraid to tell my experience because it was sad story and I guessed she won’t come to Japan because of it. But she was okay. At least, for me, teaching about Japan in English is still hard but I feel it is getting better.

Japanese music

In this our 4th meeting, we were planning to talk about history of Japanese but I needed more time to prepare for it, so we talked about Japanese Music instead.

She and I like Rock music, so I explained “Visual-kei” music (“kei” means style and it’s one of categories on Japanese music) to her. I also talked about it in Basics of Finnish class but she said “They wear Kimonos and it’s so interesting!”


(One of Visual-kei bands,Kiryu)

After that, I showed some music videos of “ゲスの極み乙女。” (it means “acme of vulgar girl”) because this band is becoming popular in 2014. Usually music is what we listen to and enjoy but it was also awesome to watch music videos on YouTube.



(MV of ゲスの極み乙女。)

History of Hungary

Today’s topic was history of Hungry. I’m not good at learning histories, so she made interesting and easy to understand PowerPoint for me. The good point of her ppt was consisting of several topics. I didn’t think I have any knowledge about Hungarian history but I knew few things with her explanations. Sometimes she was using Google translate for me. We always communicate in English but we exchange Hungarian and Japanese each other in the same time. It made me easier to understand her presentation.


(I. István and great invention from Hungary,Rubik’s cube!)



Japanese lecture

In this meeting, I took my turn to teach Japanese language to her. Reka already knew some Japanese words, so I started to teach Hiragana (Japanese syllabary). There are 4 types of character representations in Japan but Hiragana is the easiest and Japanese people learned it in their childhoods. It has 50 characters but she pronounced almost everything clearly, so I was surprised. I taught her some expressions of greeting, words to give response and gave Kanji (other character representation in Japan) which expresses her name that I prepared before. It was “礼香(Reka)”,礼means ”appreciate” and香means “good fragrance”. I thought it suits her:)