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During my vacation in Germany I saw many TV shows. These were for example The Simpsons, The Futurama, The Big Bang Theory and also some news at RTL. Usually it was very difficult to understand anything. Just when people were talking about numbers or very simple sentences I could understood. Only in Simpsons episode I understood more. But obviously it was because I know Simpsons very good in my own language. More useful was when I watched some DVD’s with English subtitles. Then I understood and I caught some new words.

I hope I will find some German movies on internet. I think this is good way to improve my pronunciation because people say I have really strong accent. Especially my sharp “r” is not good for learning German. It was only useful when I had course Basics of Finnish and my “r” was nearly same as Finnish one unlike pronunciation of students from some other countries.

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  1. I had to comment on this, since my mind has lately been occupied by exactly this.
    The “r” is a tricky subject. I’m not sure where you’re from, but r’s differ vastly by region. English has its own, German too, and in the Netherlands there are two. Not to mention the French. None of these correspond to the Finnish version. I’ve been trying to learn the latter one, with little success.

    By the way, ARD Mediathek LIVE.
    These channels are available in Finland, I’ve checked: ARD, HR, NDR, SWR, WDR.

    If you don’t mind ads, commercials and low quality, this is for you: Schöner Fernsehen.

    Then there are all the “Mediatheken”:

    I hope you found these helpful.

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