It was our last meeting, and Maristella’s last night here in Finland and time for us to say goodbye. The next day she was going to Spain for Christmas and new year’s eve. So logically we discussed about her experiences here in Finland and in Europe, and how nice this experience had been for all of us.

She had travelled a lot in Europe while living here in Finland and that was so inspiring for me! It’s funny even we live here close to these cities she visited, we keep them so obvious that we don’t usually travel there,  Norway or Iceland for example. We prefer warmer places. I’s definitely inspired to go to Iceland after all she told us.

This experience was great, I got to know so much more about  Brazilian and Latin American culture and also something new of Spanish culture. I also was able to improve my English and Spanish skills which were also my goals. However, the best thing was to get to know Maristella. She is such a lovely person, and I learnt a lot from her attitude.  I hope me and Ida are going to meet her again someday.


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