Busy life

Today we had a quick coffee break together because everyone of us is so busy with the Christmas shopping, packing, stressing(:D) and all the deadlines too. Soon it’s Christmas and we should be calming down for that, but there is still a lot to do.

That was actually our topic that day. We discussed about the “rhythm of life” here in Finland and in Spain and Latin America. Here it feels like everybody’s in a hurry. In Spain and Latin America the lifestyle is more relaxed, people are enjoying and living more in the moment. That was a big difference which I noticed too while living in Spain. And that was very relaxing. On the other hand a bit stressing for me, because I haven’t been used to waiting. So everywhere you go you have to wait, people are usually late. 20 minutes is still on time, that isn’t even being late.

Maristella said that the thing she know she is going to miss is the thing that everything is working, like health services and the police for example. And everything and everybody is on time and you can trust on that. There are props and cons in both.

We have only one meeting left! How fast the time flies!

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