Today we decided to have a little bit more like a “study” meeting. We met at Tamk, in the library. Maristella had told us that she had wrote some Spanish books, for studying so this time we were supposed to get to know these books and do some exercises from there.

The books were in the internet so me and Ida had our own computers and we did some exercises. I knew that I needed to practice one Spanish grammar thing that is very difficult for me. That’s called subjunctive. I think it’s pretty hard for me to understand because there is not anything like that in Finnish language. So now I tried to practice it little more, and believe me, I’ve tried to practice a lot before… There are just so many different exceptions where you have to use it. I hope I’ll learn it someday perfectly.

After practicing some Spanish, we also taught Maristella some Finnish. This time it was time for basic expressions. We also taught her numbers and weekdays. It was nice to have this kind of meeting for change.

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