This time we went to have drinks at bar called Minibaari. We usually just go some place to have a coffee or something to drink and talk about cultural differences and different kind of topics. Sometimes we talks some basic stuff in Spanish like how we have been etc, and it’s nice.

That day we discussed about Finnish nationality, how is a typical Finn and what is his/her personality like. This meeting was near the Finnish independence day so the Finnish word “sisu” came up in our minds. We told Maristella how was the winter war. Of course we taught her what does the “sisu” mean. It is this some kind of relentless or something we have not even showing it that much. And we have to have it to survive for example of this dark and cold winter. We discussed how hard it is to live here in winter because of the darkness and how it makes you feel blue without no reason. For foreign people that might be quite a shock to get used to.

The funny thing that Maristella told us later was that she had used the word “sisu” in her final speech telling about her experiences here.

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