My neighbour Totoro

MY NEIGHBOUR TOTORO – japanese film meeting

For our fifth meeting, we assembled in booked video room in library to watch japanese film from famous director Hayao Miyazaki. I have seen some of his films, and they always filled me with variety of feelings at once. Personally, I like Princess Mononoke the best.
But for our EOTO meeting we choosed older one: My Neighbour Totoro.

Iris has DVD with that film, in japanese with english and finnish subtitles. I still didn´t have so much self confidence in finnish, so we agreed on english subtitles 😀 But I´ve been also trying to reckognize, what are characters saying in japanese, and I found out that there were some inaccurate translations (Yuki confirmed my doubts).

To me, film was not as interesant as previous films from Miyazaki. This was much more like common fairytale, with its simple story. However, if we will look deeper for some hidden meanings, Totoro might be interesting character. His placement in the “normal” world, without magic can make us ask who he might be in OUR normal worlds… It seems that only children are able to see him, he is cute, funny, but also powerfull and kind of scaring
at the same time. Is that so, that only people with fantasia are able to see him? Or it is because those two were sad and trying to find someone who can help them with their hidden (they looked like happy girls outwards) saddness because of (seriously?) ill mother? They could have created Totoro in their own minds out of sadness. In the end, Totoro and cat-bus helped them to get to their mother. And now…is it happyend, or not
so much?

I like that we can think about those things, but I´ve seen films, that were able to make
us think about them, and moreover, their main storylines were more interesting.
As I mentioned, storyline of this film was simple, I could tell the whole story in a few sentences, which is not really satisfying for me. Anyhow, thanks to very cute animation, children are likely to love this film and for japanese children, Totoro is very famous character.

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