Finnish letter

So, after long time I´m writing about our previous meetings. In previous report, I mentioned our plans. Here comes the first idea: to write the letters in languages we learn. I was writing in finnish language.

We met at library, one of my favourite places in Tampere 🙂 we traded letters and our meeting started.

In my letter, I tried to put there everything I don´t know and I would like to, so it was pretty bad 😀 But at least those few sentences, I put there to save the rest, were good, and also some of my guesses B-) (I was often using dictionary ( for example finnish-russian one o.o two foreign languages for me = doubled efficiency of studying 😀 ) and guessing endings of unknown verbs and nouns).

After letters were corrected, I tried to remember as much as I could. It was strange feeling, using finnish language in busses and shops, on the streets, instead of english. But everytime I was speaking finnish, I remembered my letter, and Iris, correcting it 🙂 And I´m thankfull for that idea.

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