First time!

We (Alessandra and Yooree)  met  in front of the railway station and then made our way to cafe. Alessandra and Yooree are aready acauainted each other because Alessandra is a tutor of Yooree, but to me, it was the first time to meet Alessandra! I was very excited to get to know another Finnish person!

Because it was our first meeting, we just have a greeting and conversation about our purpose of this course meeting. Alesandra wants to study Korean grammar and idioms more, and Yooree and I want to study Finnish words and idioms. Alesandra knows many Korean words already, so I was very surprised. While talking together we had coffees and breads too.

During our conversation, suddenly our topic turned to “depression” and ” lonely”. First, I and Yooree taught Alessandra  about the expression ” take the autunm” which means feel lonely especially in autunm.  And then,  Alessandra taught to us some Finnish words :    kyynel = tear,   syys masennus = autumn depression,   masentaa = feel depressed,  yksinäinen = lonely ( 1 person), ” He ovat yksinäisiä = they are lonely”

We talked about thesedays weather so we learned these words too.  kylmä = cold, “Minulla on kylmä = I’m cold”, kuuma = hot, lämmin = warm, talvi = winter, tylinen/tulista = spicy, “Tosi tulista! = very spicy”, makea = sweet, suloinen = adorable.

We had a light chat because it was a just our first time. We will meet on every Wednesdays at 3:30 after finishing our class, if there is no another each one’s private plan. Our today’s chat was very interesting and useful so I expect the our next week meeting! And I ‘m happy now  being much closer with Alessandra, after our meeting.


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