Last meeting

For our last meeting we went to Stockmann, once a again. This time we went through the household items. Those were mostly some furniture (especially electricity) and items related to eating and sleeping. A fun coincidence was that the Swedish and Russian words for plates were very similar.

After teaching and learning new words intensively we went to get some coffee and refresments and caught up about our winter holidays. We ended up talking about the Christmas and New Year traditions both in Finland and in Russia.

Though the countries are close each other, the traditions are different and the holidays don’t have that much in common. It was interesting to hear from another ways to celebrate. We also discussed about how the holidays have changed from the past years and how gifts are more and more important in the celebration. We agreed how the best thing about the holiday was spending time with our families.

hepat moskova

Each One Teach One was an interesting course and it was fun to learn and teach. I learned much more than I ever thought I would – and I enjoyed learning a new language so much I’m sure I’ll try to learn a 4th language. That I’m not sure if it will be Russian or something else. But learning Russian left a little sparkle inside me, so perhaps I’ll travel there someday and hopefully I’ll learn some more of the language before that.

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