Studying at a shop

In January we had our last two meetings.

For our first meeting, we met at the clothes section of Stockmann. We had decided to go through clothes both in Swedish and in Russian. We made a list from the new words we went through. In the middle we had the English word and the other languages were on both sides. Dasha said that it was weird being at a clothes shop not buying things but instead learning – and I couldn’t agree more.

I struggled with so many new words – Dasha did remember most words almost immediately, but for me it was a bit harder. I’d remember half of a word or the first letters, but still after an hour I knew at least some words for clothes. Also I’m quite sure that putting together a Russian clothes word and it’s meaning from a list would be much easier for me than just trying to remember a word from a scratch.

It was fun to notice how different the languages are – in Russian there are much more spesific words for some clothes. But that was also a problem – sometimes we didn’t have an English translation to a word, neither Swedish. It was interesting to notice how some words in Finnish come from Russian and some from Sweden – like en väska, ”veska” (a handbag) and пальто, ”palttoo” (a coat).

We had fun and we both learned a lot.

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