Time to Finish this (2 meetings)

# 1. Time flies and all things comes to an end.. I can’t believe that it’s already so long since this course, or my study began. What happened – Where did those months go?

Anyhow, we met again for this final session and this time we thought to make less “official” and maybe just enjoy and remember what have we taught so far. We had a coffee in the center of Tampere and talked about few things I wanted to learn, which I had on my mind for the past 1-2 weeks 😀 After that we went to play some pool and “continued” our session there – explaining what’s pool in finnish or french (and ofcourse everything related).

During this time few of our schoolfriends joined us and that’s when the “teaching” stopped, since after you have a few drinks – you don’t need to learn anything, because you’re already fluent in it 😀 We had a blast and our educational evening lasted pretty long till the very morning that time. All I can say is thank you and lets keep in touch.

# 2. The other time we met was just a “boring” session in Universitys Cafeteria. It was somehow an intense teaching/learning for 1hour before our other studies. We went through few things like: vehicles, buildings and places you can visit. This might be handy whenever I visit France again. Also how to ask politely about thing you would like to know or for example as for directions when being a tourist in Paris. That was about it and I think I have few things more on my mind now 🙂 Also we shared few things and thoughts about Finland and France. How we see other people and what kind of a culture differences there is. How people do things and how they communicate on daily basis – is there small talk or is it just “hi and bye”.

All together it was a pretty much fine course, because it wasn’t a heavy load, because obviously we have a lot of other things to do, but it still gave you somekind of view of the language you always wanted to learn. I’m sure I could continue from here and start taking some basic lessons outside the University – we will see about that 🙂 Maybe one thing could be arranged if more people from the course could arrange a meeting for everybody. Somekind of a “getting to know others” event. And I’m not talking about the xmas party now 🙂

Not a bad course at all. Thank you and see you around.


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