Meeting #4- Food!

Santeri and I decided to have a lighter, less academic session for our fourth EOTS session. We decided to discuss everything food: vocabulary, favorite foods, popular foods in our regions, etc. I took the liberty of sharing first, as I have been severely missing the food from my hometown. I explained the legitimacy of authentic Mexican food in San Diego, the influx of Sushi restaurants within a small radius, gourmet bar/restaurants, and of course, In-N-Out.

Santeri shared some food vocabulary with me, so that I could find my ordering experience at restaurants, as well as shopping, to be a little easier. Some vocab basics learned: Kana, juusto, salaatti, kinkku, naudan jauheliha, hampurilainen, and most importantly, pitsa. We also discussed the opening of Burger King (we should have done the session there), as well as the possibility of running a taco truck to serve up proper Mexican food to the locals here in Tampere!

To be continued…

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