Meetings 9 & 10

Meeting 9

Meeting number 9 was a movie meeting. We watched movies from Holland and Finland. The finnish movie that we saw was Lapland odyssey. For a dutch movie we chose New Kids Turbo. Both are worth watching.

Finnish humour in movies is slightly darker than in dutch movies. Though in movies, and in general, dutch people dare to make fun of things that might be considered as taboos.

Meeting 10

Todays meeting was about making notes about everything that we have learned during these past meetings. First we wrote down the key subjects that we ended up teaching/learning and then started filling the paper with words we learned in finnish/dutch. We noticed that we had reached the learning/teaching goals that we set for each other at least to some extent. We didn’t really have any expectations for this course since it was a new way of learning for the both of us. But every new thing that we were able to teach each other was an achievement and we are pleased with what we have accomplished.

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