Hungarian food party

Our last EOTO meeting was held in Reka’s place with Julia (she is also from Hungary), Paulina and Yuki. The day was the last day for Yuki and me to meet Julia and Reka, so it was also farewell party for us.


They cooked and served “Gulyás” (Gulasch), Hungarian stew, and Hungarian crapes. In Hungary, people put jam or honeys on crapes and roll it to eat. Reka gave us Hungarian honey and her mother’s home made jams. They were awesome! I hope we can see again somewhere around the world someday. Thank you for everything, Reka<3!IMG_3035

2 thoughts on “Hungarian food party

  1. ohh miért maradtam le róla 🙂

    i miss our hungarian dishes good job gils 🙂

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