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Survival Weekend!

First of all we survived 😛 We all went together to the CLINT survival weekend. There we had a nice weekend, and we decided to have a eoto meeting there in the beautiful nature. Nature was also our topic there. We did a little barbecue and teached us new vocabulary, also we repeated really often what we learned the meetings before, because its really hard to remind without using.

We are the kings! Go Ilves ;)

We are in Finland. That means we need to go to a ice hockey match. I’m interested in ice hockey, so I said lets to to a Ilves match, becuase I support Ilves in Tampere!
That day Ilves won 6-1 against Sport, a team from Vaasa. So the atmosphere was good in Hakametsä.
Before the game and between the periods I teached my friends the rules. Philipp isnt an huge ice hockey fan and Jocelyne is from Mexico. They have ice just in the drinks 😀
We talked this time of course more about sports, what we like and so on. Weh ad a great day. Ilves!!!

Pizza Napoli ☺

This is our third meeting aboung food. So we regocnize we like to eat 😛 After we boys cooked Pasta and last time Jocelyne made tacos we decided to go in a restaurant. So we teached us to go in a restaurant and to order. Also we talked once again about our cultures. As a dessert Jocelyne had a surprise for us. It was a mexican Lollopop with a real interesting taste 😀 Cant describe it haha

First time making and eating mexican tacos :)

For this meeting we met with another eoto group. This was even more fun, because we were more people and this means we could learn more. This time weh ad two mexican girls. And mexicans love to eat, so what is typical mexican? Of course, tacos! They should us how to do. It take more than two hours to made it!! So in this time we had some drinks and a lot of time to talk and teach us.

Visit the mall

Let visit the shopping center of Tampere. There we walked through different stores to buy some clothes. So after a few stores everyone said that we don’t need some new stuff. Also I think for Jocelyne its better with some other girls in a shopping center. Not with two german boys 😛 So we found a coffee place in the mall, so we decided to talk and write something down we teached us. We teached us to go shopping. For example asking questions when we need help for example. After this meeting we cant wait to visit the other country to go shopping to use what we learned 😉

Pasta / Pancakes time :P

Our second meeting starts in the city center. We started to introduce ourselves in the foreign language. To show what we learned last time 😉 Then we went to Lidl for groceries. We learned us what all our groceries called in spanish and german.
We decided to cook in my place, so we took the bus to go teached us something you have to know about local transfer.
At my place we found out that Jocelyne isn’t really talented in the kitchen 😛 So Phlipp and me started to cook pasta. For the dessert we teached Jocelyne how to do pancakes in german way!
While eating we listened to some mexican or german music and talked bout our countries, the people there and of course how we eat in our countries.

Start with learning spanish and teaching german ☺

We started our first meeting at lunch time in tamk. We means, Philipp, Jocelyne and me. Philipp is from Germany like me and Jocelyne is from Mexico. After we took a walk to the city and translated something we saw or what cames in our mind into spanish and german. Last we went to Cafe Europa and had one or more coffees. From the beginning we had fun and the atmosphere between us is really nice! J In Cafe Europa we started with some basic skills like to introducing and for example the alphabet or the numbers. For me spanish seems to be a interesting and I’m looking fort he next meeting!!

a whole review of our meeting

I feel so great as long as thinking the meeting between our four girls, Voon, Xiaofeng,Pappi and Julia, we all left lots of perfect memories to each other, for me I consider it as a cherish through my whole life.

I do remember our first meeting, I was so surprised that I was in one group with my best friend Voon, and we did not know that. And another two Finnish girl are so nice , a very wonderful night, isn’t it?  After that we keep in tough with each other frequently, and soonly we have our second meeting, the visiting of museum, I enjoined a lot, girls explained a lot about the artwork, historical and beautiful. In order to remember more words, we decided one night just for language studing, it was so funny, Pappi and Julia borrow their study materials which they bought in China, small conversation was going on, studing an laughing, looking at the words we wrote together just bring me back to that memory. Miss you so much girl, and we do have chance to meet each other.

And after that, we had Chinese cooking day and Finnish sauna and traditional food day, you know I miss the delicious food again, and miss the warm heart family. What’s more, yep. I got one Finnish game—-KIMBLE and I won this game at the first time , what a luck dog!

With time going on, at the end of that semester, we began more busy, exam and some of us were plan going home, but it was nothing compared with our final meeting, because it cannot be better, traditional food( we even do some help about the food making) traditional christmas music, gift change, chatting and laughing…

through the process, I learn a lot about Finland and Finnish, I would appreciated all of you, got knowledge as well as frindship. I think I completed my primary goal which I set in the preliminary plan.

thank you girl to leave so prety memory to me, and thank you teacher to open so wonderful course for us, thank you!kuva 3

Family talk

The 5th meeting was in the “ALE BAR”.

When we arrived the first question af Frankie was whether I know what a “ginger” is. I was surprised about this question because I thought everyone know this. But a lot of people didn´t know this :-D(for the people  they don´t know it is a redhead).

We discussed the German and English for family members and friends as well. For example i didn´t know what is a “Niece” and “Nephew”. We also talked about that of this words we have in German has a male and female version. The word “friend” is a good example for this.


Meeting in the New York cafe

In the 4th meeting was in an very nice cafe called New York.

Francesca printed some slips with German phrases.  We started with the most used phrases. I explaint here the different meanings or for exapmple the phrase “Nicht wahr“. It can mean “Isn´t it (Nice weahter, isn´t it)” or it´s also can mean “That´s not true”.

Furthermore I explaint a bit about the differents in the grammar, pronouncing and spelling.