First meeting of eoto class! Spanish Basics

Today we had our first each one teach one meeting. Theresa and me are going to teach German to Luis and he is going to teach us Spanish. We went to a cute little café in the city which is called Pella´s café. Theresa and me had Spanish lessons view years ago in high school but we don´t really remember anything, that´s why Luis had to start from the beginning with teaching.

We learned the personal pronouns:

yo = I

tu = you

el/ella = he/she/it

nosotros = we

vosotros = you

ellos = they

Luis also told us how to pronounce serveral letters. Spanish people pronounce for example the letter “V” like a “B”! And they don´t pronounce “H”, it´s just silent like in French.

Moreover we learned how to conjugate some verbs like “ser” (to be sth.), “estar” (to be somewhere or somehow), “parecer” (to look like sth. / to be like sth.), “vivir” (to live) and “jugaz” (to play sth). They mostly have the same ending so it´s easy to remember the different forms.

961415_788545647860611_134187911_n That´s the café where we met Luis.

All in all it was a very productive meeting and in the next meeting Theresa and me are going to teach Luis some German basics! I´m looking forward to it 🙂

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