The 2nd meeting 7.2.2015

I met Bella at Cafe Europa for our second meeting. We talked about each other’s hobbies. I taught her to talk about hobbies in Finnish and she taught me to say the same things in Russian. This is what i learned:

Do you have any hobbies? – У тебя есть xобби?

What do you do? – Чем ты занимаешься?

After talking about hobbies, Bella helped me with my homework. On my Russian course we are currently going through the genetive case and the dative case. Not only did Bella teach me how to use those two cases, but she also taught me the four other cases. It was very helpful! It is much easier to learn a language this way, when it’s more personal.

Bella is a good teacher and next time I will help her more with her Finnish. Even though I’m not sure if my native language makes much sense to me either, what comes to grammar 😛

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