The last one…

For the last meeting of EOTO, we decided to go for a walk through Tampere! The sun is finally shinning again and is not to cold anymore 🙂

We walk around thinking about all the words and culture we have exchange during this 5 months, and let me tell u…. it was fun doing this each one teach one course.

So we stopped in front of different places around the city and we teach each other the names in Spanish and French.

For example:

Butcher: Carnicero, Boucher

Bakery: Panaderia, Boulangerie

Restaurant: Restaurante, Restaurant

Bridge: Puente, Pont.

Hairdresser: Peluquero (SP), Coiffeur (FR)

Supermarket: Supermercado, Supermarché

Clothing store: Tienda de ropa, Boutique de vetements

If u want to learn more here u can find more places in french-spanish


Thank you to Emilie for being my EOTO partner! 🙂 and see u around!

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