Remember everything

On the first meeting of Finnish with Michael we repeated some grammar. Before I had 3 courses of Finnish at TAMK but it’s been some time since I used any forms of verbs. Finnish in the everyday life is a challenge for me. I can’t come up with any sentences  quickly enough for speaking. That is why I am very shy to use any Finnish outside the classroom.

We repeated present and past simple tenses. Also negative ones. As a practice, he asked me to translate some phrases from English to Finnish. It was very useful that Michael also comes up with sentences where I have to use (and remember) some Finnish endings like -n, -lla/llä, -ssa/ssä, -sta/stä.

Then he again explained formation of genitive and partitive and difference between them, what has always been a challenge for me. It really becomes clear!

In the end of our first meeting we made a vocabulary list with some old words to repeat and new ones for my homework.

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