#2nd Meeting at Metso

Yesterday Mari and I had our second EOTO meeting at the public library in Tampere called Metso. Firstly we went inside to get some books 🙂 We found out that they do not only have Finnish literature but also German, English, French and many other languages. I chose a book called “tuhat sanaa soumeksi” (first thousand words in Finnish). Another very useful Book for us is a book in Finnish for learning German. With the help of this book we can both learn at the same time. Afterwards we started to read straight away and practiced some pronunciation and vocabularies. I gave Mari some ideas about the conjunction of verbs in German. Furthermore we learnt the numbers form one to hundred in German. I constantly told the time in Finnish! After this lesson I have two new favorite words that I can hopefully use soon… “mahdotonta” and “heti”.IMG_20150213_141905

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  1. Hi]
    What a great idea to go to Metso. I am sure you will see that suomi is not at all mahdotonta! – Taru

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