Skype meeting

After long time, I did my last “meeting”, this time only with Iris. Because, I´m already in my homecountry, we were talking through Skype. Situation brought some new phrases I wanted to know in finnish, such as “long time no see” (pitkästä aikaa). However, while I was still living in Tampere, much more ideas were crossing my mind, so this last time I didn´t have as much questions as before. But I had some, Iris said the finnish translation to me and also wrote it down and sent as message. I also asked about translation of slovak phrase, that foreign people could consider to be meaningless: en ole paimentanut hanhia kansasi. Actually, we can use this to put someone in their place, when their behavior is becoming rude. Then I explained little bit of slovak pronunciation and sentence melody. Because our language is very musical, and melody of sentence can change its meaning.

And this was the last meeting. Unfortunately, Yuki was too busy with her duties, so she was not able to join us, but we will surely keep in touch – I still have some questions about japanese language, and surely by time I will find more questions for finnish as well. But for now I was satisfied… I know EEEEVERYTHING I wanted B-) (nah, more like: I have it everything in my exercise book… O.o )

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