First meeting



Our first meeting with Caroline was on 13 February at brewery-restaurant Plevna. We decided to choose this place so that Caroline could see a bit of Germany here, in Tampere. Also, i think the place is quite nice with relaxed atmosphere (which is good for learning process). 

I made small learning cards for Caroline with Russian greeting/farewell expressions and also included words that can be used to answer ‘how are you?’ question. Even though Caroline has some Russian knowledge already, i decided to start with something easy in order to see her level. She pronounced and memorized all the words correctly during my small quiz. For each meeting, i am planning to make small word tests, hehe.

For me Caroline prepared exercises about sentence structure in German. It was really helpful because now it is much more clear to me than it was before. I learned new words and managed to do most of the sentences correctly. Moreover, i practiced a bit of pronunciation, but still i need to work on that more.

In order to be more productive, me and Caroline agreed to write messages to each other in Russian/German. We will try to use English less and less as our communication language 🙂

It was a good start of EOTO.

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