First meeting

Let’s start off with an introduction. I’m Kevin from the Netherlands and I’m an international business student on my exchange here in Tampere. My first real contact with Russians was when I started international business in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I have become interested in the language since even the alphabet was a mystery to me. This makes it not easy to understand anything so I thought what better way is there than learning from a Russian person?

Victoria is going to teach me Russian and I’m teaching her Dutch.

Each one teach one could be the start for me to learn Russian since I have friends back home who can continue to teach me once I get back home.


For the first meeting we’ve decided to start with some basic Russian. This turned out not to work as we thought it would when we made the primarily plan. This is most likely due to the fact that neither of us has any experience in teaching a language. We decided not to dive directly into the languages, cultures and common facts but we started off very casually by discussing life. We talked about our own lives back home rather than that of the average Joe. We learned about the both the differences and similarities in the life of people our age, specifically ours. Now this may not represent the general population but it served as a proper introduction of ourselves and gave us a good impression.

Next thing we know, we found out that we didn’t have any clue about each other’s countries so we started to talk about our own cities and any other questions that came to mind.

I have recently learned more a bout the Russian history in the Area Studies course. This was mainly about the history of Russia so we could skip right to the part where we discussed what it is nowadays and took a “virtual tour” through St. Petersburg.


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