The first meeting: 새해복많이받으세요!


On January 18th me, Olha, and Yoon Soo had our first EOTO class. We met at Cafe Alakuppila in UTA. Yoon Soo was teaching me Korean for 1,5 hours.

That day was a Lunar New Year (설날), which is a big holiday in South Korea. So we started with congratulations.

As I’m planning to go to South Korea for my exchange studies, we decided to cover the most important topic first – eating! In Korea eating out is very popular and cheap (compared to Finland). I already knew some basic phrases how to order food and ask for the price. Yoon Soo teached me some more advanced sentences as Do you eat here?/Do you take food out?, Is there a smoking area? and some basic ones as Welcome! and Bye! which are used in restaurants/cafes.

Then we made a real dialogue.  First Yoon Soo was a waiter and I was ordering a food, and then vice versa. It was fun! but a bit challenging for me – my teacher spoke so fast, I felt like I’m in Korean restaurant already =) I liked it though, I think it is the best way to learn – to get used to the fluent speech of a native speaker. Now I’m sure I won’t be hungry in Korea and will feel relaxed ordering food. Just can’t wait to try all those delicious things!

After that we were imitating a phone call and planning a meeting. With the help of my teacher I refreshed  memory in this topic and the conversation went good.
Also I learned a lot of random words like parts of body and phrases for buying medicine.

Moreover, Yoon Soo tried to explain me the diffenence in pronunciation of some letters, that sound similar for me. It is still difficult thing for me, but I hope we will work more on it during our next meetings.

Next week we wouldn’t be able to follow our plan as Yoon Soo goes abroad for her holidays. After she comes back we will proceed as planned. Can’t wait for our next meeting!

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  1. nice post! 🙂 it was also funny time to me ! are u remember? ring-ring! “뭐해? 바빠?”

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