My First Finnish Lesson

It was time for my first intensive finnish lesson. We met in Pyynikin munkkikahvila in the City Center, because Jasper has never been there. It is the place where you can get the same munkki´s as at the pyynikki-tower. We started with an easy and important phrase:

Mitä kuuluu?

Possible answers:

1) hyvää

2) minua väsyttää

Normally you would not tell the other person how you really feel. Too much information for Finns 😉

I think it is quite similar in Germany, except you want to tell the other person why you feel bad or better than good. But it is also possible to answer “not so good today” “it is not my best day” etc.

My plan for this meeting was to start to read one of my Finnish Comics, but Jasper noticed that it is written in some kind of dialect from Eastern Finland. So we picked randomly some sentences, he told me the right version of the words and I tried to understand the structure and meaning of it. I think Finnish and German is quite different. It was hard for me to look through the length of one word and all the added grammatical elements. You can say a whole sentence in one word!

At the end we discussed the pronunciation of the different letters. In this point Finnish is much more easier than German! Luckily Jasper and me know the IPA and so we could show each other the right pronunciation of the different words.

For example the s-letter:

German: s/z/ch/sch

Finish: s


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