Be indecisive over two opinion in Korean


3rd meeting in the cafe Europa, 15 March 2015

me and Olha met in cafe Europa. the first thing I asked to Olha was how can say ‘can you speeak in english?’ in Suomi since I had some problem asking that expression before. and added with that she taught me some expression be able to use in shop . And I taught her about direction by simple dialogue language. I want to sum up some expression I taught and learned at the day.

Miten pääsen kirjasto.

도서관 가려면 어떻게 가요?

Milla bussilla pääsen Hermiaan.

어떤 버스 타야 헤르미아 가요?


Kuinka paljon se maksaa? : how much is it? 이거 얼마에요?

tämä on niin kallis : this is expensive 이거 엄청 비싸다.

tämä on halpa: this is cheap 이거 싸다.

and the main studyin point of that day was expressions for present hesitations between two opinion. it would be helpful to express her thinking and feeling precisely. (especially  doing shopping) and also it is good for studying negative and affirmative statement.

앞으로 쭉 가다가 오른쪽으로 꺾으시면 되요./ go straight and turn right.

*고민돼/ I’m hesitating.

살까 말까 고민돼. whether buy or not

먹을까 말까 고민돼. whether eat or not

갈까 말까 고민돼. whether go or not

맛 없는 건 아닌데 맛 있지도 않아. it’s not so tasty but not so bad.

귀엽게 생긴건 아닌데 잘 생겼어 not cut but handsome.

똑똑하지는 않은데 재밌어. not smart but funny.

잘못 했어 안 했어 are you did wrong or not?

*relationship/ ” 무슨 사이야? ”

사귀는 사이 we’re having relationship.

일하는 사이 for work

연인 사이 in love

깨진 사이 we were having relationship.


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