Last meeting with tomatican

In our last meeting Spanish vs German, I decided to cook a favourite and native dish from Chile. it call Tomatican, so I invite Stina, Susi and Laura to try the delicious plate, It made with a lot of tomato, corn, some species and rice on the side, plus a very excited desert with cream and chocolate.

This time the meeting was not about teaching or learning, was the farewell party of our last class of each one teach one, we remember the best part of the lessons and some struggle words that make us laugh, for instance for me was  SCHWARZ… a word that i cant say at all.

THANKS EACH ONE TEACH ONE FOR THE AMAZING EXPERIENCE !!! 15400_10204836298719644_4154613538284052767_n22285_10204836299279658_8687925378159469481_n10363753_10204836298959650_7474912949130810912_n


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