4.02. First Meeting with Ssong.

As we heard on the orientation lecture, that we can write our learning diaries here not right after each class, but after some period of time. So after 5 meetings with my EOTO partner Hyun Ssong I decided to finally start my diary.

Our first meeting was the 4th of February.
First part of our meeting was mini presentation from Ssong about different language levels of Korean which they use in everyday life. We did not cover all of them because some of them are not up to date and can be used only when you talk to the king or emperor. So we just covered formal style grammar, which is used in narration in books or on tv, then respective style to talk to people who are older, then casual style and very casual style (only with very close friends). This topic was of great interest to me and I was really impressed by very good presentation. Also we practised how to conjugate verbs in all these language levels in Past tense. I found it quite easy and I really liked the class.
Here is one exaple of conjugation of the verb to love on 4 language levels in the Past tense:
사랑하다 —> 사랑헸습니다, 사랑했었다, 사랑했다, 사랑했어

After that Ssong told me that he doesn’t know how to make an order at cafe or restaurant. Always when he wants to order something he says: “Is it possible to get this food?”.
I decided that we can practise some dialogues, as we are in a cafe, so then he learned that he can make an order using construction “Could you?”, e.g. “Could you bring me some water, please?” and also we used constructions 1)type “I would like to…” or “I want to…” and 2)“I would rather” and Ssong didn’t know that in the case of first construction we have to use preposition “to”, like “I would like to do smthn” and in the second construction you should avoid prepositions and say “I would rather do that”.  Ssong said to me that it was very useful info for him and now he can make orders in cafe using those phrases. Also he told me that he plans to go to Stockholm, so we discussed in English how to get to some places of interest there. He usually makes some mistakes, so I corrected him and when he didn’t remember the proper word, I said it and he wrote in down to his notebook.

I really enjoyed our first class and looked forward to meet again.


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