first finnish lesson

Juho and me had our first meeting for teaching finnish / german in the bar Passion. I haven’t been to that place before and it was a nice atmosphere for learning. We figured out very quickly that this will be harder than expected, because we didn’t really know how to start. Since we both have finnish / german classes we tried to have a little smalltalk (introducing each other etc.). That was quite ok to get a first impression how much we can say. Juho brought his German book and he tried to read a German text out loud, so that I can correct his pronunciation. If he didn’t know a word I translated it for him. After that we tried the other way round, but it was really hard for me to translate the sentences into Finnish, so Juho had to help me a lot. Our meeting was around 1,5 hours and it was really funny! Way better than just learning on my own 🙂

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