Second Meeting

We had second meeting with Kevin last week. We decided to visit TAMKO, cause the place has cozy atmosphere, a lot of sofas to sit as well as coffee and tea.

We prepared some materials for each other in advance, before the meeting, so it was very easy to start learning and teaching, not like last time. The materials were included most useful words and short phrases to practice in reading and try to remember something from it.

We have funny thing in our each one teach one case.  Kevin has some problems with reading, I guess the reason is different letters in alphabet, but he knew and remembered some words and sentences already. I can see that reading is a bit easier for me, but the words can not stay in my mind for a long time. May be I just need some time to remember something. We will try our best to get as much as it possible from the learning process.

All in all, it was fun and we learned and taught each other something.

Fine dag! Хорошего дня! Have a nice day!

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