Vocabulary lessons


Me and Caroline agreed that we have had enough of grammar rules, so we should move on to something easier and more useful. Both of us want to extend our range of vocabulary, so we made a vocabulary meeting at Cafe Europa. Caroline prepared for me 500 most common German words. That was really useful for me because i don’t know that many words in German. I also decided to learn them already with articles because i find it almost impossible to learn all these article rules. There are some weird German exceptions that you just have to remember by heart (for instance this neutral das article would go with Mädchen, which means a girl….for me that does not make that much sense since i would put the feminine indicator die). Although, i found out that i know some of the words already and other words i have heard somewhere, so my hearing memory for German is working really good. Hope it will get even better!

For my part, i prepared some household words and typical phrases for Caroline (e.g wash the dishes, clean up your room, throw away the trash etc), so that she can already practice them with her mom at home. Surprisingly, we found out that there were some things she has never heard before, even though her parents speak Russian at home. So now Caroline can teach them some new things 😉

I think both of us are doing a good job in our learning process! Looking forward to our next meeting 🙂

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