Each One Teach One #2

For this second meeting, Beatrice and I met us at home, in TOAS City. That’s not very original but I am sure you will understand why.

We needed quiet because, to finish the French pronunciation that we started the last time, we worked with a french song.

Bon Entendeur, "Le génie" We chose a part of the song “Le génie, Gainsbourg, March 2014″ from french artists: Bon Entendeur. We have already listened this song together, we like it each other and it seemed us interesting to work with; they are more speaking than singing and it was a funny way to work. It permitted us to check vocabulary as well.

If you want to listen it, click here! (we worked from 41:45 to 46:34 )


In Italian, Beatrice taught me many things to express the time. I learnt the days, the months, some usual expressions to speak about the date and how to tell the time. It could seem idiot but I think it is important to know.


Next time should be less theatrical for me because we planned to go outside to learn some common expressions used in the street!

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