second finnish lesson

This time Juho and me met in school. At first we were having lunch together and then we started with the teaching. We started asking each other the vocabularies from the first meeting and tried to repeat the numbers in Finnish and German. I asked Juho to show me how to conjugate Finnish verbs and then he tried to conjugate German verbs.

Syödä = to eat                                                     juosta = to run

minä syön                                                             minä juoksen

sinä syöt                                                                sinä juokset

hän syö                                                                  hän juoksee

me syömme                                                         me juoksemme

te syötte                                                                te juoksette

he syövat                                                               he juoksevat


After that he tried to explain me how to make the plural forms. But in that lesson we tried to focus on the German teaching, because he had to prepare for his German test. So I tried to learn the things he had in the chapter that will be important for his test.

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