Second meeting. 11.02. The culture of Blind Dates.


Our second meeting with Ssong, we started with Korean. First, we did some grammar and he taught me the verb “to have” (가지다) and how to make sentences like “I have smthn” using this verb or another one  있다. So after the class I could say something like “I have a younger sister.” in Korean:  나는 여동생이 있다 (casual style). After that we’ve practised making some more sentences and then Ssong decided to tell me about Korean tradition to go on blind dates.
Frankly speaking, I’ve seen it in some Korean comedy movies, so I thought that the film producers used it just to make it more funny, but Ssong told me that people in Korea like it quite much. And young girls really take it very seriously and go on many blind dates hoping to find a good husband this way.
So we made a dialog, as we are meeting each other for the first time on blind date. This is how we practised some new words I learned and I tried to make sentenses which could help me to describe myself in Korean. It was very funny and I was really impressed by Ssong’s stories about blind dates. As in my culture it is really very rare and quite odd thing.

After that I asked Ssong to tell me how was his trip to Stockholm last weekend, as I know that he offten mixes different times in one sentence when speaks English. He can say something in Past and the second part of the sentence in Present or something like that. So I decided that he could practise a lot by telling me everything in Past Indefinite tense. I corrected his mistakes and he wrote down all the new words he didn’t know before.

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