Numbers and countries

During our last meeting with Hanna, we focused on Spanish. She came to visit me and we had coffee. The cats were moderately friendly 🙂

In order to revise the very basics, we used another coursebook this time: Vuela. It is a very good for practicing but I wouldn’t use it as our main coursebook because it has too little vocabulary and only very short readings. It starts with the greetings used at different parts of the day, introducing oneself and saying goodbye. It is important that in Spanish, the afternoon and the night start much later than in Finnish or even English. You can start saying buenas tardes after lunch, which is usually around 14.00, and you start using buenas noches after dinner, which is also very late as compared to other cultures, usually around 21.00.

After revising the greetings, we learned the names of some countries, as well as the adjectives that describe nationalities. The Vuela book had a very nice exercise for this: there was an illustration with the silhouettes of the countries, and the suffixes were written inside them. That way, by recognizing the countries’ shapes, it was easy to form the adjectives correctly.

We also practiced spelling words, and it was very nice to see that Hanna remembered the names of the letters 🙂 We spelt a few words to each other, and then played some games. I found some simple games for children to practice numbers and countries. Hanna had to say the names of the numbers / countries before clicking on them. These games turned out to be good practice, especially the country games, since it is not as easy to locate countries on the map as one would think. Both of us have learned something from these games ;D

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