Yesterday Victoria and me met in Café Oma to work further on extending our vocabulary. First she gave me a paper with a lot of Russian verbs I had to spell and translate into Englisch. I did already know many of them and the ones that were new to me are really useful, because I can use them in everyday life. What impressed me again, is that there is often not only one verb for one activity, but two which might seem the same, but one has two letters more in the beginning. This indicates that something will for sure be done in the future, but the other version indicates the presentness of the activity. It was really hard for me to understand this difference.

After that Victoria worked again on the paper with the 500 words of the German ground vocabulary. I think she improved a lot the last weeks, as she knew a lot of them this time and also was better with deciding which article to take for which noun. In my opinion this is the hardest part for foreigners who want the learn German, as there are no rules that can be used for every noun. It is more a game of guessing. But Victoria gets a feeling for them now, I think.

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