Meeting #3

Our third meeting we had at awesome TAMKO office drinking cacao with Hyun Ssong.
This time we decided to practice colours in Korean and also how to ask: “What colour is this?”, “What colour is that” etc.


So to make it easy to post here, I just made a picture with the colours I’ve learned.


Each colour name ends with syllable 색”saek” which means colour. It was easy to learn some of them, as I could make an association with some of the words from other languages I speak. For example, yellow color is “no-ran-saek” in transcription and I remembered it fast, as there is a Finnish name Nora, so it sounded to me like Nora’s colour in Finnish 🙂 Dark blue “nam-saek” I also remembered very fast, as my favourite Korean singer’s surname is also 남 (Nam TaeHyun from band WINNER).
Sometimes it was very funny, as me and Ssong had different opinions on the colours. When he asked me: “Whats colour is this?” and showed some object I told him for example that it is pink, though he thought it is purple, the same was with blue and dark blue colours as well 🙂

On our second part of meeting, which was our English class, Ssong again practised Past Simple tense. As an average exchange student, he usually travels a lot and this time he just came back from Lapland. So he told me some stories about his trip there. While he spoke English, I corrected him and also we discovered that he has problems with prepositions “in”, “on” and “at”. So we decided that next time we have a grammar lesson I will teach him in which cases we should use those prepositions. He said it is very good for him to practise English with me, as he knows that I correct his mistakes and everytime he learns something new, he writes down everything to remember.



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