Terve! 1

Yesterday we had our first class in TAMKO, which was dedicated to our language studies and we discussed the major problems with learning Russian and Finnish. Me and Joonas have decided that we are supposed to learn at least 10 new words daily to ensure that by the end of 2015 we would be able to communicate with each other.  This is good because our vocabularies will grow, and with that the understanding of the language. We have started reading Finnish children’s books and talking about them. I have found that children’s books are easiest to read because they are teaching at a level that is easily understood, while still being challenging enough in the expansion of vocabularies. Joonas got his first homework- to read Russian folk stories at least in English or Finnish, just to get into Russian culture more. Also, we helped each other with our homework and ate a lot of salmiakki while drinking coffee. Salmiakki will take some getting used to; it is more of an acquired taste for Finns I think.

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