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second finnish lesson

This time Juho and me met in school. At first we were having lunch together and then we started with the teaching. We started asking each other the vocabularies from the first meeting and tried to repeat the numbers in Finnish and German. I asked Juho to show me how to conjugate Finnish verbs and then he tried to conjugate German verbs.

Syödä = to eat                                                     juosta = to run

minä syön                                                             minä juoksen

sinä syöt                                                                sinä juokset

hän syö                                                                  hän juoksee

me syömme                                                         me juoksemme

te syötte                                                                te juoksette

he syövat                                                               he juoksevat


After that he tried to explain me how to make the plural forms. But in that lesson we tried to focus on the German teaching, because he had to prepare for his German test. So I tried to learn the things he had in the chapter that will be important for his test.


On 17th of March we originally planned to cook dinner. Because of the beautiful weather (which I was told is not very common for this time of the year) we spontaneously decided to take a nice walk through the city instead. As we were walking we decided that it is a good opportunity to learn giving directions.

The most important ones:

left links vasmmalla
right rechts oikealla
straight gerade aus soura


Furthermore we had some fun to name random things that we saw during our walk.
tree- Baum – puu
car – Auto – auto
house – Haus – talo
fence- Zaun – aita

Vocabulary lessons


Me and Caroline agreed that we have had enough of grammar rules, so we should move on to something easier and more useful. Both of us want to extend our range of vocabulary, so we made a vocabulary meeting at Cafe Europa. Caroline prepared for me 500 most common German words. That was really useful for me because i don’t know that many words in German. I also decided to learn them already with articles because i find it almost impossible to learn all these article rules. There are some weird German exceptions that you just have to remember by heart (for instance this neutral das article would go with Mädchen, which means a girl….for me that does not make that much sense since i would put the feminine indicator die). Although, i found out that i know some of the words already and other words i have heard somewhere, so my hearing memory for German is working really good. Hope it will get even better!

For my part, i prepared some household words and typical phrases for Caroline (e.g wash the dishes, clean up your room, throw away the trash etc), so that she can already practice them with her mom at home. Surprisingly, we found out that there were some things she has never heard before, even though her parents speak Russian at home. So now Caroline can teach them some new things 😉

I think both of us are doing a good job in our learning process! Looking forward to our next meeting 🙂


The third meeting we had in Tamk’s library, Tinja checked my homework and I checked hers. Well of course there were mistakes, but surprisingly not that many, and Tinja now pronounces the russian alphabet perfectly and I am very happy about that as a teacher 🙂 it was not very long meeting, but still useful 🙂

Movie nights

Last two times we met to watch movies, a subtitled Russian and Finnish ones. Frankly speaking,  I didn’t like neither of those and with my knowledge it seemed too early to watch a movie in Finnish and understand anything but greetings and the clothes’ names. However, this course has been a very nice experience! Kiitos Paljon! moi-moche-mechant-2-renaud-coffin


muumi movie

Today we had a meeting at Omas cafe.

There we watched the Muumi movie, Muumis and the Comet, in Finnish with English subtitles.

I didn’t know the Muumis before; I just heard that they are really famous.So Natalia told me about them. Watching the movie was really fun and I liked it. After watching it, we decided to go to the Muumi museum the next time.

Each One Teach One #1

EOTO n°1!Hi Everyone!


Firstly, just to let you know, I had my first course many days ago and I am quite late to write my first article… Forgive me!

EOTO n°1

I am doing this partnership with Beatrice; she teaches me Italian while I teach her French. We already met us before since we are living  each other in TOAS City.

Beatrice has already studied French before, and she is good, but she is not practicing a lot. As she has to pass an exam when she will come back home, she gave me what she will be supposed to know and I am gonna do my best to help her to success!

As I am concerned, I have never learnt Italian and start as beginner.


For our first meeting, we were really classic and met each other in our common kitchen; I have to admit it was the easiest way for this first time.

In French, we worked the pronunciation; even if Beatrice speaks already French well, we discovered that she had some problems, specifically with the letters Q – U – R. We used a long time with this letters and managed them with different combinations. At the end, it was already really better!

In Italian, logically, to start, we worked about basics things; more precisely Beatrice taught me the alphabet and his pronunciation, the numbers and the verbs to be and to have in present. We finished our meeting with the learning of common expressions as “my names is..”, “I am X years old” and so on.

In one course, I really had the feeling to discover many many things about a completely unknown language, so it is good!

first finnish lesson

Juho and me had our first meeting for teaching finnish / german in the bar Passion. I haven’t been to that place before and it was a nice atmosphere for learning. We figured out very quickly that this will be harder than expected, because we didn’t really know how to start. Since we both have finnish / german classes we tried to have a little smalltalk (introducing each other etc.). That was quite ok to get a first impression how much we can say. Juho brought his German book and he tried to read a German text out loud, so that I can correct his pronunciation. If he didn’t know a word I translated it for him. After that we tried the other way round, but it was really hard for me to translate the sentences into Finnish, so Juho had to help me a lot. Our meeting was around 1,5 hours and it was really funny! Way better than just learning on my own 🙂

4th meeting: 우크라이나 & 한국 음식~


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On Sunday, March 22nd we had our 4th meeting at my home. Inga and Ssong joined Yoonsoo and myself to organize a dinner. Our Korean friends cooked 2 Korean traditional dishes – 된장 국 (miso soup) & 불고기 볶음밥: bulgogi fried rice, me and Inga cooked Ukrainian national dish – борщ (borshch). Everything was so delicious! 진짜 맛있었어! After the dinner we watched Korean movie Nara’s Rain ~비의 나라 . It was with English subtitles, so everyone could practice either Korean or English. It was a very nice evening! 고마워  친구들!!!

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